mechanics issue #2

Today we finally got the skirt working with the Lego motors. We found, however, that we need to do something not typical to a hoop skirt. The partial reasoning behind the hoop skirt was to cover the bulk of the motors but it was also to help with the alignment issues we were having with the previous design. The trick is to pull straight up or down. Now we are pulling at an angle because the angle of the skirt grows over time causing it to end up at a slant.

An image of a pulley

As you can see there's the string to pull and a spool type mechanism for the the string to be pulled on.

To solve this, we came up with the idea of making an inner support system. Having an inner loop attached to each hoop attached to the skirt so that the strings can go straight down but still affect the whole skirt. To attach the inner and outer hoops, we have reinforced cardboard “beams” (if you will) that are attached with lots of duct tape to the hoops.

Now we have a smoother pull and nearly no alignment issues!


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