The Chameleon Suit, currently under name reconsideration, is about the group endeavor of 4 Wellesley College students in the CS320-Tangible User Interfaces course project. The topic of the project was inspired by the TEI design competition, wherein, students design a super hero suit. The trick to our assignment was to gear the suit towards a problem or a specific person.

Our target audience was the busy yet stylish Wellesley student. The idea was to create an outfit for all occasions. Perfect for a good impression with a professor or potential employer, a sweet outfit for lunch with friends, and a hot outfit for a night on the town. The features we wanted to target were sleeve length, pant length, collar style, and patterned LEDs.

After much paper prototyping, a semi-functional mechanical prototype, and words of wisdom from our professor, we have re-evaluated our design concept and revamped it completely. You can read more about the reasoning and the journey in the posts.

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