finishing touches

Only days until it is time to present our final prototype and we have some bugs to sort out and features to hash out. The skirt is mostly working. We need to workout the right level of taught-ness for the string on the pulley along with the right number of revolutions for the motor to be programmed. In addition, the skirt is a little slouchy. We need to create a better support system for it to look good and hold up.

Finally, we need more pizazz for the final presentation. We got some funky sleeves in the works. We plan on embedding LEDs to it that will light up when the transformation is complete with a switch activated by putting my hands on my hips. We also have a crown that might add to the princess aesthetic. We got the Disney princess feel, why not go the whole 9?


new materials part 2

After the issues with the skirt and motor, we decided to reconsider the aesthetics as well. Although a great concept to work from fabric that looks like Batman’s cape, not quite the most dramatic look and feel when it’s just a skirt moving up and down a feet or two.

The result was a gorgeous golden fabric that had wonderful shine and was lighter, too!

new materials

In the spirit of super hero transformations, we got a shiny black fabric for this prototype, similar to Batman’s cape. That was the most creative material acquired. The rest were purely about logistics. We found extra large twist ties and are going to try those out for the hoop support system. We also have the DC motors to try out for this task. They are surprisingly small! I suppose we shall see how the actual skirt work now. We need to sew the fabric on before we can test the mechanics this time.