final prototype!

We’ve got it! The final prototype and on camera! The LEDs work and look great. The skirt is mostly functional, works 1 out of 3 times now! (Vast improvement from the last post, which was 1 out of 5.)

We need to calibrate the skirt strings after ever 3 or 4 pulls and there are some issues with alignment from time to time, I think it has to do with the string being too twisted and thin. But the whole thing works!

A job well done!


new materials part 2

After the issues with the skirt and motor, we decided to reconsider the aesthetics as well. Although a great concept to work from fabric that looks like Batman’s cape, not quite the most dramatic look and feel when it’s just a skirt moving up and down a feet or two.

The result was a gorgeous golden fabric that had wonderful shine and was lighter, too!